Interview with Porsha from Bridezillas

You’ve laughed with her, you’ve cried with her. You have watched her faithfully. Now you can learn from her! Our favorite ‘Bridezilla’ Porsha Holt-Martin from WE tv’s Bridezillas Season 8,  still has a lot to say about her wedding experience! Check out her interview and see some of her lovely wedding pictures!

Bride: Porsha Holt // Groom: Byron Martin //  Wedding Date: March 19th, 2011
State: Mississippi // City: Greenville // Season: Spring

bridezilla porsha wedding photo with her groom

Bummed Bride: Tell us about the things that stressed you out during your wedding planning process.

Porsha Holt-Martin: The total process was very stressful, believe it or not picking the right colors was the worst to me.

The only thing that wasn’t stressful was my decorator, I told her want I wanted & she made it all happen. My bridesmaids stressed me the worse, the problem was that it was my wedding & not theirs.

bridezilla porsha wedding photo with her bridesmaids

BB: What did your bridesmaids do that stressed you out?

PHM: My bridesmaids were always late & wanted me to do things their way! My own sister who was my matron of honor bagged out of giving me a bachelorette party, so I had to pay somebody to put it together!

BB: Did someone try to steal the spotlight from you? What did they do to detract attention?

PHM: My sister, another one not the matron of honor tried to steal my joy! She was always telling me that my shoes were ugly, my hair wasn’t right and I wasn’t planning the correct way! When she did this she always did it in front of people, seeking attention. It was like she was waiting on a “high five”! I never heard things when we were alone but only when others were around! At the rehearsal there was always somebody talking & when we were trying to practice.

bridezilla porsha walking down the aisle

BB: What would you have done differently with your venue, bridal party, cake, dress, etc…

PHM: If I could change anything, I would’ve gave the entire process to my decorator, to me using a lot of vendors was stressful. I really needed everybody to be on the same page & they were not.

My dress was perfect, I vision it on me the very same way it was was on me.

My cake & venue was perfect.

I wish my husband would have played a major part in planning, he watched me stressed out everyday.

bridezilla porsha wedding photo with her bridal party

BB: What did not go according to plan on your wedding day?

PHM: My DJ did not even play all my songs, he played two songs for the bridal party when we rehearsed several songs so the wedding party can know when to walk out. My flower girls didn’t drop any flowers, but they were way too cute for me to be upset.

BB: How did you deal with those “not so perfect moments”?

PHM: A wedding is a precious moment & should be a very special day. I had to let everybody know “either you join my wagon my way or there’s the door”! We spent a lot of money on my wedding & that day was for the bride & groom only!

bridezilla porsha wedding photo with bouquet toss

BB: Did being on a popular T.V. show (Bridezillas) add any additional stress to your wedding planning?

PHM: The show didn’t add any stress at all. I don’t regret doing Bridezillas, that show actually opened the door for so many opportunities!

BB: Was it awkward having the film crew around and how much of the planning / wedding day did the show cover?

PHM: Haha!!! At first I almost pissed my pants, but what people need to know about me it is that I am an entertainer! I make people laugh all day I give people a reason to talk to me. I am very unique in my own way. I had no problems filming at all! I laughed so hard when my episode aired. I don’t know why a lot of people get mad when people are betrayed in a negative way.

The best advice I can give to someone about doing reality tv is be very careful about what you say & do because their are thousands of people waiting to criticized you in every way possible!

It was actually fun because I am from a small town so people were looking at me crazy but then they would slowly try and walk in front of camera!

BB: Did you feel like your wedding had to be PERFECT since it was on television?

PHM: Not at all, I was a very simple bride! I told my wedding party everyday don’t let these cameras fool yall there is a wedding to be done!!! Lol

bridezilla porsha wedding photo dancing with her groom

BB: What did you learn from these issues and what would you tell other brides-to-be?


PHM: I would tell other brides to choose their wedding party carefully! Just because you think that he/she is your friend, that might be the very same person who is waiting to spoil you big day.

Also hire professionals & make sure you check out the references.

Photographer: Louis Bradley // Event Planner:Janice Lucas – Devine O’Kaysion Event Planning  // Caterer: Coonie Curtis – Grown Woman Cooking

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